Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

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Tokyo – Where Old Japan Meets the New One

Wow… what a city… it’s  not that it is so beautiful but it is sooo interesting – the colors, tastes, fashion, the rush of the people, their culture and much more is probably what’s making Tokyo so famous! Continue Reading…

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A Fascinating Day in Kyoto, Japan

What a warm welcome to Japan – a truly beautiful and intriguing place with a lot of different cultural aspects and ancient history & apparently it is the best time of year to visit – Autumn, when all the leaves are changing their colors to red and the weather is not too cold yet. Continue Reading…

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Shanghai – The Pearl Of Asia

Moving one step closer to our new home at Sydney we stopped in Shanghai for 3 days – mixing business & pleasure.
We arrived at late evening and went for an “hot pot” dinner – that means that you get a hot soup of your choice and kind of like in fondue – you just trough inside meat, fish and/or seafood (whatever you choose to) and cook it inside as much as you want to. Nice experience and warmly recommended but the only thing is that it was ONLY in Chinese so lucky for us we had Phillip or else we would of got lost in translation… Continue Reading…

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The Wetland of Hong Kong

Well it’s our second time in Hong Kong this year and it is nice going back to a place you already know.
Since during our last visit we pretty much covered most of the main tourist attractions we were left with only several places to see and one of them was the Wetland Park. Continue Reading…

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Short Trip Report from Singapore

After pampering ourselves in Thailand, it was time for some serious business, so we flew to Singapore for 1.5 days of meetings (well Andrey  handled  the meetings part so I was able to wonder around in this interesting city). Continue Reading…

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