Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

A Fascinating Day in Kyoto, Japan

What a warm welcome to Japan – a truly beautiful and intriguing place with a lot of different cultural aspects and ancient history & apparently it is the best time of year to visit – Autumn, when all the leaves are changing their colors to red and the weather is not too cold yet.
But let’s start from the beginning , our story begins the night before – after arriving in the afternoon to Osaka, tired and exhausted, looking for a place to eat. It seems that English is not the strongest side of Osaka and we found ourselves walking around from one place to another looking for an English menu (or just one with photos) in vain… we finally found one place that had one waitress speaking English and after 20 min. of translating we finally ordered – and had a great dinner.
The next day was Sunday so we had a day off to travel around. We decided to devote it to Kyoto – 30 min. train ride from Osaka, a city with a lot of shrines, temples, castles etc. As we had a bus map in English it was fairly easy to get around the city, but each place is a 20 min. drive from the other so we focused on 2 places: the Golden Pavilion and the Nijo Castle.
First place was The Golden Pavilion (KinkaKujicho) – an amazing golden temple, surrounded by beautiful gardens, historical buildings, peace and quiet. It was sooo beautiful and we enjoyed it very much. Although there were a lot of people due the weekend on autumn – it didn’t ruin our experience.
The next spot was Nijo Castle – another historical point in Kyoto – a big castle surrounded by a water tunnel and full of beautiful gardens, lookout points, temples etc. we had another 1.5 hours of relaxing walk around this big beautiful area and we enjoyed it very much.
It was then time for some culinary experience so we met up with Ofer (Andrey’s partner in Japan), Leiko (his lovely wife) and Miran (their 13 years old daughter that speaks Hebrew!!!) – walking along the river’s narrow alleys and learning about the culture and architecture we ended up in a local noodle restaurant and had a tasty dinner (this time with no translation problems since we had Ofer and his family). We finished the evening walking in the main shopping area where Miran taught me some cool girls stuff!!! We had a lot of fun and it was a very good day for us (you can see it from the amount of pictures we had)!

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