Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Shanghai – The Pearl Of Asia

Moving one step closer to our new home at Sydney we stopped in Shanghai for 3 days – mixing business & pleasure.
We arrived at late evening and went for an “hot pot” dinner – that means that you get a hot soup of your choice and kind of like in fondue – you just trough inside meat, fish and/or seafood (whatever you choose to) and cook it inside as much as you want to. Nice experience and warmly recommended but the only thing is that it was ONLY in Chinese so lucky for us we had Phillip or else we would of got lost in translation…

The next evening we went out to have dinner with Phillip at the most famous part of Shanghai – The Bund. located on the western part of the Huangpu River and overlooking the amazing skyline of Shanghai – this is by far one of the most beautiful places we have seen. On the one hand you see old European buildings with different architecture styles as Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic etc. , and on the other side of the river you have all those sky scrapers with their new (almost out of space) architecture design. The most famous one there is the TV building – “The Pearl of Asia”. Seeing all of this lights up is breathtaking!

The next day we decided to go back to The Bund, this time to cross to the other side and go up the Pearl of Asia to get a full view from above. We started at the pedestrian Nanjing street that is leading to the Bund itself (it is a long street so if you want to rest you can take the local tiny trains that goes back and forth). Once at the Bund, we crossed the river using the underwater SightSeeing Tunnel. It takes about 2 min. to cross and you go through a light & sound show on the way which is kind of psychedelic but nice (and if you do that skip the museums at the end…it’s a waste of time).

We left the tunnel and headed straight to the Pearl of Asia. We bought the full ticket (150 RMB per person) which gives you access to all of the tower’s 3 viewing platforms (90m, 259m and 350m) + entrance to the rollercoaster inside the building (which is for children) and an entrance to their history museum (which is very interesting as it is a miniature city of the historical Shanghai). The view from the top was amazing and the amount of photos grew bigger and bigger. After fully using our ticket and accessing every part of the tower, we headed back to the Bund, had a quick dinner and ended the night at the Hyatt’s top floor Vue bar (another tip from Phillip) having a drink and relaxing our tired feet.

The next day we went for a meeting downtown and afterwards strolled at the Tian Zi Fang area – which is a beautiful art galleries, coffee houses and restaurants quarter (that was recommended to us by Cooley from Ctrip and now recommended by us :-) ).

To sum things up – you don’t need more than 2 days to see Shanghai but be sure that these 2 days will be unforgettable! just make sure to always carry a map with you cause no one (including taxi drivers) speaks English and its easier just to show it on the map…

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