Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Short Trip Report from Singapore

After pampering ourselves in Thailand, it was time for some serious business, so we flew to Singapore for 1.5 days of meetings (well Andrey  handled  the meetings part so I was able to wonder around in this interesting city).

Since 1 day is not that much I didn’t quite see a lot of it but my main impression is that this city is one big mall – a heaven for shopaholics… It is also a very impressive city as the buildings are big and very interesting architecture wise and still you see a lot of green trees & plants on the streets and even on the highways (feels like a tropical cement jungle).

So as you can understand I spent most of the day getting lost at huge Orchard Street which is the famous shopping  area. Since prices are not cheap and we were already facing an overweight problem I left my credit card safe and sound in the wallet…

In the evening we explored the beautiful Clarke Quay – a riverside area with lots of restaurants, pubs and bars. We had some dinner and finished the night at the Marina Bay Sands Casino – located near the famous new and oh so impressive icon of Singapore – the 3 towers hotel with the Skypark on top of it shaped like a boat. Let’s just say we had better nights at the casino and leave it as is.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to go up to the Skypark but we will have to try it next time we are here. Now we are in Hong Kong after a small overnight stop at Bangkok.
These are the few pictures I managed to take during my short stroll around the city:

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