Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

The Wetland of Hong Kong

Well it’s our second time in Hong Kong this year and it is nice going back to a place you already know.
Since during our last visit we pretty much covered most of the main tourist attractions we were left with only several places to see and one of them was the Wetland Park.
The Hong Kong Wetland Park is actually a big nature reserve made especially for the local animals (mainly birds) in order to provide them with an escape from the concrete jungle called Hong Kong. Being the nature lovers we are and since it’s not a zoo but an open nature environment we decided to go visit the “locals”.
After a long 1.5 hours of moving from one subway to another and then to a light train we finally made it. Our biggest mistake was that we came on a Sunday afternoon… that means that you can kiss the peace and quiet good bye. Most of the visitors are locals (we hardly saw any “western” people) and loudness is their thing!
As for the nature part of it – well you do get to see some birds but from a distance, some butterflies and sea life (crabs, fishes etc.) but the main thing is just walking along this huge reserve enjoying the green wet sights. Just a relaxing trip (if you don’t come on weekends…).
If I really have to recommend on whether to go there or not i will carefully say that it’s nice but make it your last priority while traveling in HK. Take into consideration that the trip there and back is a bit long and avoid weekends. oh.. and if you don’t eat Chinese food make sure you take some food with you cause the only restaurant in the park sells Chinese food.
We spend our other days working, meeting up with our dear friend and partner Phillip, wondering around in the streets and in the computer and gadgets malls and things like that.
We do however have one recommendation that we learned from Phillip: Go to the Crown Plaza Hotel in HK, take the elevator to the top floor and enjoy a drink looking at the view! superb.

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