Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Tokyo – Where Old Japan Meets the New One

Wow… what a city… it’s  not that it is so beautiful but it is sooo interesting – the colors, tastes, fashion, the rush of the people, their culture and much more is probably what’s making Tokyo so famous!
We arrived to Tokyo as part of the Israeli New Media delegation to Japan so Andrey was busy running around from meetings to exhibitions etc. and I was strolling around in the city – trying to absorb everything it has to offer.
I spend my first day at the observation deck at the Metropolitan Gov. Building – overlooking the skyscraper district of Tokyo and then headed to Shibuya. For those of you who didn’t hear about it – it is a  big shopping district and has one of the busiest junctions in the world – when the lights in the pedestrian crossing  turn green, an enormous amount of people starts crossing it in all directions – standing in the middle of all this  rush is like a spiritual experience (you can see part of it in the before-after pictures below).
In the evening we had a formal dinner – the Round Table with Japanese business people and the Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister, Mr. Danny Ayalon which was nice. On this Dinner we met Yoav, a friend of a friend of a friend that lives in Tokyo and took us under his custody – showing us the nightlife of Tokyo, starting at the bar he is working in (Vaga Bond).
The next day it was raining so I stayed in the hotel working, but in the evening we went for a Japanese restaurant with some of the guys from the delegation and then to Yoav’s bar to have some drinks.
These are the pics form these 2 days (and more to come later on):

On the 3rd day I went with Andrey to the exhibition and from there we went to see the Imperial Palace and were very disappointed to discover that you can only view it from the outside – meaning : you can see the gates!
In the evening we went with Yoav and 2 of his friends to an Izakaya called Daibutsu korokoro – a Japanese “tapas” bar, a beautiful place with intimate spaces, good food and great atmosphere… we felt like we entered old Japan.
These are the Pics from the 3rd day (and more to come below):

I spent my 4th and last day wondering around in the streets of Harajuku – which is a large shopping district that has its own fashion statement – lots of young kids come by (mainly on Sunday) dressed up with their unique cloths (kind of like gothic-comics designed outfits). I managed to get some photos of them but I didn’t want to be too much of a paparazzi… it was a very interesting afternoon, the cloths were amazing and inspiring and it was a good way to end this wonderful trip to Japan.

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