Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Finland – The (cold) Land of Many Lakes

Why did nobody tell us that the end of August also means the end of summer in Finland? well, combine the jet-leg we had coming from the US with the surprising cold and rain and add the fact that most of the places were already closed at mid Aug. – and you get some first few disappointing days in Finland, but in spite of it we were able to enjoy some of the things Finland has to offer:

We had arrived to Helsinki in the morning and tried to explore the city, but the rain didn’t allow us to enjoy the walk so we just stopped for tea and went to catch some sleep. On the evening we did a bit of night sightseeing as the rain stopped for a while and saw the beautiful lighted castle and cathedral – the 2 most famous landmarks in Helsinki:

The next morning we drove all the way to Lappeenranta which is located in the heart of the lakes land. We expected to see lots of lakes on the way but we didn’t see anything due to the forest on the side of the roads.
In Lappeenranta it was also raining most of the time so we took a dinner-cruise to see some of the lakes and the Saimaa Canal – it was very nice, although a bit too long.
The next day we tried fighting the jet leg without any success and ended spending most of the day sleeping…
On our last day in Lappeenranta we went to see the beautiful local attraction of the sand castle and although we really wanted to visit Imatra we decided to skip that due to the fact that all major attractions were closed (and it was raining…). We then drove back to Helsinki, going through Porvoo on the way (as recommended by Kineret) and it was so cute and beautiful… it was like walking inside an old theatre set with boutique shops and coffee houses along the way (kind of reminded us of Zichron), we were so glad we finally got to enjoy the view (and with no rain!!!):

We came back to Helsinki the same afternoon and took advantage of the beautiful weather to take a look at the famous landmarks again but this time in daylight – these are the result (we actually discovered how beautiful Helsinki is when the sun is shining):

And that’s it, we spent the next 1.5 days working and resting and we are now on our way to our next destination – Amsterdam and counting down till we will back home hugging our friends and family!!!!

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