Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

The Big Apple – Trip Report

Oh NY, NY what a city… no wonder Frank Sinatra’s famous “New York, New York” song Says: “I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep…” – Cause this is definitely NYC…

First Week: Affiliate Summit and Central Park
Our first few days in  NY were all about the Affiliate Summit conference – we got to meet a lot of our friends and colleagues from Israel, mingle around, do some important networking, get some update from the industry etc..

So most of our time was spent either in meetings or cocktails oh… and… of course – some dining. And once and for all we can establish that between NY’s famous steak restaurants (Peter Luger, Benjamin & Del Frisco) there is only one true winner – Del Frisco!!!

We also walked around in the area (5th avenue, time sqaure etc…) and went out to some clubs but we didn’t have our camera on.

After  5 days in the center we moved to Roie & Shirrah’s appt. on the financial district and on Friday night me and Shirrah even cooked dinner for some friends and had it on their fabulous roof top over looking the whole area.

The next day we joined Idan & Paulin for a ride on central park. We took a tandem bike (for 2) which was very funny and wondered around admiring the size and the peacefulness of the park. On our way I even saw an old colleague of mine from ICQ  – Danny Razinski (who lives in Washington…) – what are the odds? Here are some pics from the park…

Day 8 – New Jersey & Time Square

On Sunday we took the bus to New Jersey to have dinner with my family at Sam & Yivon’s house. We met everyone (most of them came especially to meet us) and it was very nice and tasty. When we came back to the city we got to Time Square and decided to have a look around. It’s truly amazing – such a touristic place, full of flashy advertisements and yet has its magic – it was 23:00 and everything was still open. We went into some stores and visited M&M’s famous store – was very fun.

We ended the evening drinking beer at Stone St. near “our” appt. – this is one of the oldest sreets in NY which is now closed to cars and is packed with bars, thus have a unique atmosphere.

Last 2 days – High Line park  and around

On our last days in NY started at Pier 17 and the Seaport area. Then, Idan took us to see some new things that we didn’t see so far. First stop was the High Line park – this is an old railway that was originally built on top of the city and was converted to an urban park – so you walk on some kind of a long bridge which is actually a park with vegetation, flowers, trees, sitting places and some of the old railway tracks. It’s very noisy and not so peaceful but very interesting and gives a great view of the city from above, statue of liberty etc..

From there we continued walking to Chelsea Market – which is an old factory (or something like that) that was converted into a beautiful market with lots of boutique’s restaurant and shops.

After walking around we met Paulin, went to see a movie and then have some beers in the upper west side.

On our next and last day we walked around the financial district and ground zero.

and this is the final set of pictures:

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