Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania – Day 9

Our 9th day in Tassie actually begins on the previous night. As we arrived to our camp site we found out that we are located right at the entrance to the Cradle Mountain National Park itself, which means that nature and its wildlife is right outside our Campervan’s door (no kidding, one Wallaby actually ate his dinner right outside of our Campervan). As the night came down we went for a “short night tour on a search for wild animals” and were lucky to meet some Wallabies and Possums on our way. Excited by the fact that we discovered wildlife at the wild we went to sleep satisfied and happy!
The next day we planned to climb to the Cradle Mountain Peak, a 5-7 hours track, going through various points of lakes, waterfalls & lookouts. The weather on the other hand planned for us a whole different track and experience. As we started the track we already saw that most of it was covered by clouds. It was also very windy and cold and the shuttle bus driver prepared us for some rain…
Stubborn as we are, we really wanted to stick to the original plan so we did started off as planned. After reaching the first peak out of the 3, we realized we won’t be able to see anything due to the clouds. We also discovered that the bus driver was right as it was raining, windy & cold. Our storm suits proved to be a life saver (thx Tzvika!!!!)… we had no choice but to go back down in the other direction. All and all it was a good and interesting experience and you can definitely see how beautiful this park is. In total we walked about 2.5 hours, took very few pictures (not to get the camera wet).
The next day the sun shined again so we went back to the park to have a short “Enchanted” walk and then we hit the road towards Tassie’s West Coast (not before a cute Echidna said its goodbye to us)! we had a very good afternoon with lots of action but it deserves a post of its own so stay tuned…

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