Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Hobart, Tasmania

Greetings from Tasmania!
Yesterday, Jan 18th 2010, we have arrived to Hobart, Tasmania after a short 1 hour flight from Melbourne.
Since it was a long morning we obviously were in need for a short sleep so we took a small “Shnatz”.
After waking up we went to celebrate our 4th “birth-date” (its been 4 years since our first date…ohhh….) – we went to an Italian restaurant in the Battery Point, which is a lovely old village that was preserved perfectly so all of the buildings are small, private and like drawn out of a picture.
We than walked around in this beautiful city – down Salamnca Place, the Harbour and the old streets. It really felt like walking in mini-London as it was cold, a bit rainy sometimes, the buildings look the same and there are a lot of small gardens and parks in the middle. We even got a beautiful rainbow as a background setting…

The next day we headed towards Wellington Mountain, not before we stopped for a small breakfast at the famous local “Jackman & Mccross” – to tell you the truth, Bendicts in Tel-Aviv is much better… So, we drove up to the top of the mountain (1270m), it is VERY windy up there and luckily for us we got a (probably rare) clear view of the surroundings – it is absolutely amazing view. If it wasn’t that cold we might have stayed a bit more… on the way up we even saw an Enchidna (which is a Kipod Tasmani) but weren’t quick enough to take his picture!
Going back down we weren’t able to find the springs that were promised in the book so we continued to the Cascade beer brewery to catch one of their tours. The tour inside the beer factory was very interesting, not only revealing the beer making process but also telling the history of this place (which reflects Hobart’s history as well). Best part of the tour was the beer tasting at the end as you will be able to see the big smile on Andrey’s face sitting next to his 5 cups of beer tastes…

After the tour we drove for another hour or so south to see the Huon River views and villages and headed back to town to finish off with a great dinner (in which i was very happy to discover you can give your kids, or me in that case, a drawing page and colors… :-) you can see the results in the last picture).

Tomorrow we are going to pick up our camper-van so i guess many experiences (don’t know yet if good/bad/funny) to come…

I know, I know – I wrote a lot so here are the pictures:

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4 Replies

  1. מה זה , אתם עובדים עלינו???? אין תמונות מצורפות!!!

  2. Andrey Jan 22nd 2010

    בסדר, בסדר, למה לצעוק, טעות, טועים, טעינו, תוקן :)

  3. Marisha, where ever you are, I think it is a great place to celebrate your birthday. And even more important is with whom you are celebrating!!!
    Have a happy birthday bro.
    Or like the Australians say: happy birthday mate!!!
    Keren and Neri

  4. Andrey Jan 23rd 2010

    Thanks a lot Guys! We’re having tons of fun here, as you can see…
    Remember that we agreed to meet in Cuba in the summer…

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