Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

It’s The End of The Road As We Know It…

On our last full day in Tassie we drove from Mt. Field National Park on a road which leads west toward the Gordon Dam (probably a secret road cause we were practically the only ones on it) and it actually ends there. Since most of the Southern-West side of Tasmania is a National Park which you cant really explore, you can’t drive any further so the road ends (as you can see in the pictures)…
It is a beautiful scenic drive (lots of lakes, mountains etc) that ends in the impressive Gordon Dam – a HUGE structure! you can see in the pictures how small Andrey looks on it and than realize how big it is.
From there we drove to New Norfolk, where we spend the evening playing Pool, drinking beer and went to sleep.
The next day we had to be back at the airport by 15:30 so we just drove to see the picture like Richmond city. It is a really nice small old town with a beautiful bridge in it but it was SO hot, we just looked for ways to get out of the sun.
And that’s it – we are now in Melbourne, just ate dinner with Ronit and Erez – a lovely Israeli couple that live here whom we met through the blog (friends of friends…) so here is one good reason to have a blog – it was very nice and tasty. I even got a book in Hebrew (YEY, thx Ronit).
As we are going to have a work brake you probably won’t hear from us in the next couple of days but once we will hit the Great Ocean Road we will report again.
And as always we leave you with some great pictures (this time, mainly views):

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