Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Speeding Down The Huka Falls

How does riding a speed jet boat in a 85 kmh, turning 360° and almost hitting the side of the river sounds like? FUN!
Huka Falls in Taupo are the spot in which NZ’s longest river Waikato is slamming into a narrow passage, dramatically falling 10m down into a beautiful pool. Further down the road is the Aratiatia Dam which is creating great beautiful rapids when open. This is the beautiful area we explored yesterday from up above and down below.
We started with a sensational 30 min. jet boat ride, making acrobatic maneuvers over the river including 360° spins and getting very close to the waterfall itself – watch the videos below…

Afterward we went above and trailed along the falls, the dam and the rapids – indeed a beautiful area with lots of water and scenic views. We ended this day bathing in a natural (and free) hot spring – a gift from mother nature, just 5 min. from the city center – not that comfortable to sit on these rocks but the mixture of very warm water from the springs with the cold ones of the river was a cool experience.

So, this is the video of the jet from above:

This one is from the inside (watch how the tree hits the camera – and yes, Andrey’s arm was attached to the camera. both of them survived):

And these are the beautiful pics:

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7 Replies

  1. אחותי, קבלי נזיפה אבל בשקט בשקט, לא צועקת… מה לא הספיק לך פעם אחת כמעט לטבוע בדרום אמריקה?

  2. Andrey Mar 5th 2010

    כן, אבל הפעם אני ההיתי שם איתה כדי להציל אותה כשצריך :)

  3. את רואה מה זה? מה לא עושים בשביל להציל את הנישואים… חוצמזה צריך איכשהו להתגבר על הטראומות

  4. hi andrey, were you be able to make it to the Huka Lodge? I stayed there many years ago as a boy visting NZ with my Dad. great memories…

  5. Andrey Mar 23rd 2010

    Hey Derek,
    No, we actually stayed at a very nice lodge, just on the shore of lake Taupo there.

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