Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Tasmania’s East Coast, Days 3-5

Hi All,
Sorry for being silent for so long, but the Internet is not the strongest feature in Tasmania… Nature and Animals on the other hand – definitely are !!! I’ll try to provide a short description of our last few days here in Tassie, which is quite challenging as we’d managed to do quite a lot of things here…

After spending our first day and a half in Tasmania in Hobart, driving a tiny Hyundai Getz, we’ve got ourselves a huge Campervan, based on Volkswagen’s LT35 (2.8 meters high and almost 7 meters long). The Campervan has a double bed inside, kitchen, shower & toilet, so it’s a pretty independent unit, which can be used even outside of the typical caravan parks. In short – it’s huge monster to drive across the narrow and twisting Tasmanian roads.
After getting the Campervan (day 3), we’d headed towards the Tasman Peninsula via the EagleHawk Neck passage just in time to catch the last Tasman Island Cruise, which is a 3 hour ride on a super fast boat along the Tasman Peninsula. There we saw the seashore from the “other” side, including the Blow Hole, Devil’s Kitchen, Tasman Arch and many other amazing sites & views (pictures are attached as usual). Of course the highlight of the cruise was seeing the Australian & New Zealandian Sea Lions from a very close distance.

We’d spent the night not far from there, just next to Port Arthur, which was the place we visited the next day (day 4). This place is all about history of almost 200 years old and it’s pretty fascinating to hear the guides there and walk around the ruins and the reconstructed building of the first modern prison, to which all the “heavy” guys were sent to. We took the 20 min guided cruise tour around the prison surroundings and than the walking guided tour inside the prison itself.

Of course, we didn’t settle with “just” history that day and from Port Arthur we drove up the East Coast of Tasmania to Bicheno, where apart from putting our campervan into a caravan park, we also booked us a night penguin watch (yeah, yeah, we can’t finish a day without animals). It was an hour long night tour to their natural habitat (not a zoo) and we saw tons of penguins there and lots of small cubs (the site itself gives a shelter to over 1,500 penguins…), so it was simply an amazing experience! Sorry folks, no original pictures here, as cameras weren’t allowed, this in order not to disturb the penguins.

The next day (day 5), we’d hiked quite a lot in one of the National Parks in Freycinet Peninsula, getting to some quite nice lookouts on the different bays there, including the famous “Wineglass Bay” track and of course the “Honeymoon Bay”, which was quite symbolic… The main animals for that day were a few rabbits that we saw in the night caravan park in Scamander, which is another tiny town on the East Coast.

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  1. oren barkan Jan 25th 2010

    WOW. amazing pictures,
    this place looks very nature, quality and quiet, (at least in the pictures :))
    continue to update ! pictures is cool and videos will be appreciate as well,

    have fun and nice day.

  2. Andrey Jan 26th 2010

    Hey Oren,
    Thanks a lot and we’ll do.
    Yifat & Andrey

  3. הפעם אני לא צועקת, אלא אומרת לכם בלחש בלחש שבחלק העליון שוב לא רואים תמונות. אז בבקשה לתקן… גלי :)

  4. טוב הפעם לקח קצת זמן אבל זה תוקן… תודה

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