Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Tasmania – Heading to the Great Western Tiers, Days 6-8

Well, we still owe you some stories from our last 3 days in Tassie, so here it goes (as usual, every day will be accompanied with its own set of pictures). Ready?
On our 6th day in Tassie we’d started to turn a little bit West, driving through the North Eastern Part of Tasmania. The main attractions were the Bay of Fires (you’ll understand where the name came from in the pictures) and the St. Columba Waterfalls, which was very impressive, even though it is the dry season. On the way to the falls we’d even spotted a baby Echidna (looks like a porcupine) crossing the road, so of course we’d stopped the campervan immediately and pulled out the camera, just in time to get her almost climbing on me (Andrey)… We drove quite a lot that day, all the way to Launceston, which is quite a major city in Tasmanian’s standards.

Most of our 7th day in Tassie, we’d spent around Launceston, starting by driving North to Beauty Point to visit the Platypus House ( it’s hard to explain what type of an animal it is, because even the first few people that saw it back in England thought it was a practical joke and that someone glued together different parts of animals forming a “new” animal…and it’s not – it’s real…So, simply look at the photos and you will understand) and the Echidna’s garden (again, plenty of pictures, just in case you didn’t see enough from the previous day).
From there, we rushed back South East to Hollybank, for the Tree Top Reserve Experience to get our forest “flight time” – hovering over 50 meters above the ground on a 60km\h speed and a ¾ km route. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any cameras there, so you’ll have to cope with only 3 pictures, taken by the instructors.
The last adventure of the day was the Cataract Gorge walk, which is pretty much a water reserve within Launceston’s city limits. Since we don’t like coming back the same way we went there, we crossed the river and came back via the “Zig Zag Track”, which is a steep climb and then even a steepper rundown back to the campervan. It was indeed a long but very good day that ended in a 70 km drive west to Mole Creek to get some sleep…

As you can see, we had some busy days but we couldn’t stop having fun so on our 8th day we started by going to Trowunna Wildlife Park – this is a reservation for saving the Tasmanian Devil from a harsh disease and they also grow Wombats, birds and they have some Kangaroos running around. You can probably imagine what we did, which was holding 3 Womabts (so cute!!!), petted a Devil and watch them shred a dead Possum for lunch, fed a Kangaroo (as usual) and of course took a lot of pictures.
Later on we drove to Marakoopa Cave for a 1 hour tour on a beautiful cave with Glowing Warms inside, different rock formations and underground rivers – amazing. As always the day ended with a long drive to Cradle Mountain National Park (on which you will hear in our next post).

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