Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

How to pack for 8 months Round The World Trip?

Packing for a long trip? Trying to figure out how much of everything to take and how many pieces of luggage to take with you? Check-in \Carry-onĀ  baggage indecision?

Well, we’ll try to help a bit here:
If you’re going away for more than a few weeks – don’t even try to take with you enough stuff for the entire trip! You will just end up pumping up your over weight and paying a lot for it for every flight and of course there’s no chance to take all the stuff you’ll need for the entire trip.

So at the bottom line, regardless of the actual length of your trip – pack for 2 weeks. You have laundry services all over the world, which will cost you a fraction of the overweight and eliminate the hassle of carrying more than one piece of luggage with you.
Worst come to worst – you can buy anything you need, even if you’re outside your home base.

A few tips\ideas for the equipment you should be bringing with you – as always, early and detailed planning can save you a lot of headache and money, so by knowing in advance what kind of trip are you going to (relaxed\first class leisure trip, extreme\adventure type, etc.), it will definitely help you picking the right combination of clothes and other gear. Don’t forget to check out the season of year and the weather at the main destinations you’ll be traveling to (keep in mind the seasons difference between the Northern & Southern hemispheres), so for example, there will be no need to bring warm clothing if you’ll be landing in Sydney in January. If you’re about to do some tracks and not just stay within the city limits – a tent, sleeping bag and some basic tools for preparing your meal will be highly recommended. If you intend to use a car to move around – equipping yourself in advance with a GPS would be a good idea, as hiring it will cost you a fortune and if you’ll bring it with you, it will also include all the needed maps and courses (assuming you weren’t too lazy to do your homework…). Talking about cars – a small tip unrelated to the gear and packing – if you’ll need the car for more than just a few weeks – consider buying one, as it will probably be much cheaper (especially if you’ll sell it, once you’re done) and in a lot of cities you will find these ‘car markets’.

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