Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

RTW Tips

As promised, hereunder a few useful tips for someone who wakes up one day and decides to go for a Round the World trip.

First, and probably most important tip – buying RTW ticket can actually save you money, even lots of money if you’re planning it right. It sounds a bit strange, but that’s the truth, RTW ticket would typically cost less money then a regular ticket, especially if you are planning to visit 3 and more destinations on different continents.
– based on your estimated course and desired destinations, choose the preferred alliance to fly with. The two major ones are One World & Star Alliance, each one having its pros and cons, for example if you intend to visit South America – you won’t get too far with Star Alliance…
The best thing is to understand who are the main airlines covering the cities you want to visit and based on that to decide which alliance to use.
Third – Even though, you can book the tickets online, sometimes it’s better to use your travel agent, as it typically doesn’t affect the cost, since the tickets are priced either based on mileage (Star Alliance) or amount of continents visited (One World). Since it’s almost certain that you will change the dates of some of the flights (which is free of charge in most of the RTW tickets), it’s much more convenient to have an agent doing all the changes for you, after you simply dropped him\her an email.
Fourth – Notwithstanding the above (#3), sometimes you will find a decent, time limited discount available only with an online purchase. Such discount can reach 10%, which in certain cases can save you a couple of thousands of dollars.
Fifth – Unless you’re absolutely broke, do yourself a big favor and fly Business Class! Believe me it is definitely worth it when you’re talking about Round The World ticket. The price difference is about 2 times the economy class, but it’s still a great deal if comparing it to the business class fare for an ordinary ticket. Since you will have at least 3-4 flights of over 8 hours during your RTW trip, you will learn to appreciate the comfort.
Of course, if you’re traveling on a very tight budget – economy will be very cost effective and you can circle the globe as low as 2,600$.
Sixth – Use this rare opportunity to visit some distant places and don’t just stick to the usual toured routes and destinations. Remember that with certain RTW tickets, you have a certain amount of flights you’re allowed to take (typically up to 16) and you won’t pay less if you won’t utilize all the available legs. In short – use the opportunity and be creative, most of the chances that you won’t have the chance to do it again!

Are you still here??? Common, get yourself together and start planning your trip already!

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