Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Still in Transit – Bangkok

Yep, we’re still on our way to to the first “Real” destination, this time the stopover was in Bangkok and of course it didn’t take us too long to realize how much did we miss the … Foot Massage !!! Luckily for us, there are at least 4 SPA’s in the International terminal alone, so after grabbing something to eat & drink at Cathay lounge we marched about one kilometer to one of the Chang’s Spa’s. Of course, once we’ve got there, we’d discovered that there was another Spa, on the forth floor in concourse G, which is just one floor above Cathay’s lounge and barely 100 meter away…, well, at least we felt good about ourselves, doing some walking after the 8 and a half hours flight.

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Here We Go (RTW Trip Start)

Finally, after lots of planning, packing, kissing goodbye our dear family and friends, here we are, at the gate of Israel in Ben Gurion Airport (a.k.a. Natbag).

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