Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Finland – The (cold) Land of Many Lakes

Why did nobody tell us that the end of August also means the end of summer in Finland? well, combine the jet-leg we had coming from the US with the surprising cold and rain and add the fact that most of the places were already closed at mid Aug. – and you get some first few disappointing days in Finland, but in spite of it we were able to enjoy some of the things Finland has to offer: Continue Reading…

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4 Seasons at the Milford Track

Yes, we did the Milford track. And yes, you bet we have tons of pictures to share with you.
Some of the people we’ve met before have defined it as a “walk in a park”… Well, I must say it was a pretty long and very wet park…

Of course, as you know me – it will take me a while to summarize a 4 day and almost 65 km (detailed distance calculations will obviously follow) track, so hope that I’ll be able to convey at least partly the excitement of it. Some tips are at the end as well. Continue Reading…

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Speeding Down The Huka Falls

How does riding a speed jet boat in a 85 kmh, turning 360° and almost hitting the side of the river sounds like? FUN!
Huka Falls in Taupo are the spot in which NZ’s longest river Waikato is slamming into a narrow passage, dramatically falling 10m down into a beautiful pool. Further down the road is the Aratiatia Dam which is creating great beautiful rapids when open. This is the beautiful area we explored yesterday from up above and down below. Continue Reading…

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The Rock – 22 hours of pure fun!

Wow, so many experiences in 1 day! This post is all about fun, relaxation and beautiful views – it’s what the boat called The Rock is giving you on it’s 22 hours of sea sailing. Continue Reading…

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