Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

The Wetland of Hong Kong

Well it’s our second time in Hong Kong this year and it is nice going back to a place you already know.
Since during our last visit we pretty much covered most of the main tourist attractions we were left with only several places to see and one of them was the Wetland Park. Continue Reading…

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A Lost Passport in Hong Kong

Well, this is something some of you may already heard of, but genius me (Yifat) – I had managed to lose my passport in Hong Kong…

The thing is that it is one thing to lose it (maybe it was even got stolen) but another thing is to discover this while you are at the airport, at the check-in counter, 2 hours before the flight… Not a pleasant experience, believe me. Continue Reading…

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Victoria Peak, The Light Show and Everything in Between

Well, Last post from Hong Kong (well maybe not really the last cause we still have to tell you about how I-Yifat lost my passport…) but anyway I think it deserves a festive summary.
Before the summary let us just tell you how did we spend our what we thought to be the last day in HK: Continue Reading…

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Lantau Spiritual Experience

Today we have a lot of beautiful pictures for you since we were in a special place – Lantau Island.
This island is a part of HK and you can reach it in a 35 min subway ride which connects it to the main central island.
Most of Lantau is “just” nature and the small populated part is built in giant skyscrapers.
What we did (like most tourists do) is took the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Ride – which is a 25 min exciting ride on a glassed cable car (which means that even the floor is made out of glass and you can see the ground on your way up/down). The way was a bit misty but fabulous… Continue Reading…

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Hanging Out at Stanley Harbour Hong Kong

One of the recommended places on Hong Kong Island would definitely be the Stanley Harbour. It lies on the opposite side of the island (away from the main districts, such as Wanchai, Central & Causeway Bay) and there’s only one road leading to it, passing through the mountain tunnel and passing Repulse Bay (which is one of the most expensive places on the anyway very expensive Hong Kong island).

We didn’t see any animals, thus the amount of pictures is very limited… Continue Reading…

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Lazy As a White Panda But Hyper Like The Red One…

As recommended by our dear friend Phillip we took a short trip yesterday to visit the Pandas in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.

Ocean Park is actually a big amusement park – designed mainly for kids (but who decided that we are grown ups?) and the main attractions for animal lover’s like us were the Sea Mammals show  (trained dolphins and sea lions) and the Panda’s house. The movie and pictures are below.

Continue Reading…

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Here We Go (RTW Trip Start)

Finally, after lots of planning, packing, kissing goodbye our dear family and friends, here we are, at the gate of Israel in Ben Gurion Airport (a.k.a. Natbag).

Continue Reading…

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How did we end up going for a RTW trip

Well, it looks like we owe you a story of how did we find ourselves kissing goodbye all our family & friends (well, not all, but a serious part of them…) and hitting the road (or the sky in our case) for our first Round The World trip.

So here comes the story:

As you probably saw in ‘About Us‘ page, we’ve got married at 20.08.2009. Before the wedding, we said that right after it – we should go for 1-2 months honeymoon. Eventually, we’d decided to postpone the trip a little bit, due to some projects that we were working on. In the meantime the plan had changed many many times and the first decision was made about the destination – Australia & New Zealand. Continue Reading…

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