Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Girls Only Weekend

Well if I (Yifat) gained anything from this blog (other than the obvious things) is a new friend!

Those of you who are really following our blog already know Ronit and Erez from Melbourne, where Ronit contacted us via our blog (which she heard of thorugh mutual facebook friends) and offered us a warm friendly face in Australia.
It took me and her 2 hours to understand we have a lot in common so we decided to stay in touch.

2 weeks ago,  I took a short flight by myself to Melbourne to have a long girls only weekend. Continue Reading…

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Queenstown – Definitely The Queen Of The South

You can see how beautiful Queenstown is from the moment you start descending with the road from the mountains into the lake that surrounds the city. With such beautiful views and so much action going on you can clearly understand why everybody just love Queenstown. Continue Reading…

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The Bone Dude and I

You are probably wondering what do I (Yifat) have to do with bones? well i’ll get to it shortly. It all started by saying goodbye to the dolphins of Kaikoura ans heading to Christchurch, stopping on the way in Hanmer Springs as we got warm recommendations from Tamar & Nir to visit their hot springs. Continue Reading…

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