Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

On Our Way Down To The South Island

Hi, you are probably wondering if we are done with all of this crazy extreme stories by now? well, only for the meantime.
The last few days we spent traveling down to the South Island of NZ. There isn’t much to tell but the fact that the views were beautiful, the cities was surprisingly lively and that we really took it easy (we needed a little rest after that busy week). Continue Reading…

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Fly, Fly, Fly, Is It Good To Be High?

Oh, Yeah!!! It is Soooooo Goooooooood !!!
It’s getting better and better every day and the Extreme week in the Kiwi Land continues to yet another adventure… Continue Reading…

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Well, yeah we know there was a demand (mainly from Neri) for some heavy duty tracks on our “too easy” trip, so here we are – for the start, we’ve decided to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which is a “challenging” (this is how it’s defined in the book) ~8 hours track. Continue Reading…

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Speeding Down The Huka Falls

How does riding a speed jet boat in a 85 kmh, turning 360° and almost hitting the side of the river sounds like? FUN!
Huka Falls in Taupo are the spot in which NZ’s longest river Waikato is slamming into a narrow passage, dramatically falling 10m down into a beautiful pool. Further down the road is the Aratiatia Dam which is creating great beautiful rapids when open. This is the beautiful area we explored yesterday from up above and down below. Continue Reading…

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Rapid 5 Water Thrill…

Things are getting a little more extreme down here at NZ. Yesterday we told you that Rotoura is the best place to watch volcanic action, explore the Maori culture and meet the local animals. What we didn’t mention is that Rotorua and Taupo are the the extreme Mecca of NZ northern island, so if you fancy anything from bungy to rafting – this is the place… Continue Reading…

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Rotorua – Meeting The Locals

Kia Ora (this is a Maori word for welcome/thank you/how are you etc..).
Yesterday was all about meeting the local people, nature and wildlife of New Zealand in Rotorua. Continue Reading…

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The Waitomo Cave Adventure

Yesterday we drove down from Hamilton to visit the Waitomo Cave which has beautiful formations, glow warms, underground waterfalls etc. – sounds like we already did this before right? well, this time it had a bit of a twist… Continue Reading…

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From Bay of Islands to Bay of Plenty

After having some good time on board the Rock in the Bay of Islands, we started to go back South via Auckland towards the Bay of Plenty.
We’d visited the Hararu Falls, the “Treaty Grounds” (which is the place where the historical treaty between the British Crown & the Maori leaders was signed a couple of hundred years ago), the Whangarei Falls and the famous “One Tree Hill” (which apparently has no tree on it…), Continue Reading…

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The Rock – 22 hours of pure fun!

Wow, so many experiences in 1 day! This post is all about fun, relaxation and beautiful views – it’s what the boat called The Rock is giving you on it’s 22 hours of sea sailing. Continue Reading…

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Auckland, New Zealand – The Sky (Tower) Is The Limit

Hello from New-Zealand – the land of the Kiwis (a special NZ bird that doesn’t fly…).
We arrived here on Friday’s night and spent the next couple of days relaxing, re-organizing, working but also had some fun now and than exploring what the city has to offer (especially at the evenings). Continue Reading…

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