Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Tokyo – Where Old Japan Meets the New One

Wow… what a city… it’s  not that it is so beautiful but it is sooo interesting – the colors, tastes, fashion, the rush of the people, their culture and much more is probably what’s making Tokyo so famous! Continue Reading…

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Sydney’s Famous Harbour & Tower

You haven’t been to Sydney if you didn’t visit 2 of its most famous tourist attractions – the Opera House (and the harbour surrounding it) & Sydney’s highest place – Sydney’s tower. So like all good tourists we decided to follow the herd Continue Reading…

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From Jet Ski to Saturn and the Southern Cross

You’re probably wondering what these 2 (or actually – 3) have to do in common… While it might be easier to understand the linkage between the Saturn and the Southern Cross, it indeed requires a bit of imagination to connect the Jet Ski to it, so I’ll have to explain it a bit. Continue Reading…

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