Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

How did we end up going for a RTW trip

Well, it looks like we owe you a story of how did we find ourselves kissing goodbye all our family & friends (well, not all, but a serious part of them…) and hitting the road (or the sky in our case) for our first Round The World trip.

So here comes the story:

As you probably saw in ‘About Us‘ page, we’ve got married at 20.08.2009. Before the wedding, we said that right after it – we should go for 1-2 months honeymoon. Eventually, we’d decided to postpone the trip a little bit, due to some projects that we were working on. In the meantime the plan had changed many many times and the first decision was made about the destination – Australia & New Zealand. Continue Reading…

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RTW Tips

As promised, hereunder a few useful tips for someone who wakes up one day and decides to go for a Round the World trip.

First, and probably most important tip – buying RTW ticket can actually save you money, even lots of money if you’re planning it right. It sounds a bit strange, but that’s the truth, RTW ticket would typically cost less money then a regular ticket, especially if you are planning to visit 3 and more destinations on different continents. Continue Reading…

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