Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Here We Go (RTW Trip Start)

Finally, after lots of planning, packing, kissing goodbye our dear family and friends, here we are, at the gate of Israel in Ben Gurion Airport (a.k.a. Natbag).

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How did we end up going for a RTW trip

Well, it looks like we owe you a story of how did we find ourselves kissing goodbye all our family & friends (well, not all, but a serious part of them…) and hitting the road (or the sky in our case) for our first Round The World trip.

So here comes the story:

As you probably saw in ‘About Us‘ page, we’ve got married at 20.08.2009. Before the wedding, we said that right after it – we should go for 1-2 months honeymoon. Eventually, we’d decided to postpone the trip a little bit, due to some projects that we were working on. In the meantime the plan had changed many many times and the first decision was made about the destination – Australia & New Zealand. Continue Reading…

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