Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Dunedin’s Sweets, Wildlife & Landscapes

Chasing after the sun is not an easy task at autumn time in the southern island of NZ, yet somehow we have managed to get a glimpse of it in the last 2 days. With Dunedin being the only place with a sun over it in the weather map, we drove all the way there. It is a big city which has a great marine wildlife at its doorsteps and lots of other great views to offer. Continue Reading…

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Getting Interactive With Kaikoura’s Marine Life

If  there is anything worth getting up for at 04:30 am –  it is certainly swimming with dolphins! Especially if there are ~300 of them just waiting to interact with you in the ocean. I admit that it wasn’t easy waking up so early and then putting on a wet-suit in the cold of the night/morning but once you see the first Dusky Dolphin you forget all about it… Continue Reading…

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Tasmania’s East Coast, Days 3-5

Hi All,
Sorry for being silent for so long, but the Internet is not the strongest feature in Tasmania… Nature and Animals on the other hand – definitely are !!! I’ll try to provide a short description of our last few days here in Tassie, which is quite challenging as we’d managed to do quite a lot of things here… Continue Reading…

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