Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

4 Seasons at the Milford Track

Yes, we did the Milford track. And yes, you bet we have tons of pictures to share with you.
Some of the people we’ve met before have defined it as a “walk in a park”… Well, I must say it was a pretty long and very wet park…

Of course, as you know me – it will take me a while to summarize a 4 day and almost 65 km (detailed distance calculations will obviously follow) track, so hope that I’ll be able to convey at least partly the excitement of it. Some tips are at the end as well. Continue Reading…

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Queen Charlotte Sound

After a windy and rainy welcome to the South Island of  NZ we decided to leave the tracking thing for the next day, hoping the weather will be better, and it was. We went hiking for 3 hours on Curios Cove (The Snout trail) which has great views on the Queen Charlotte Sound (a Sound is actually a Fjord – a long, narrow inlet with steep sides, created in a valley carved by glacial activity, Many such valleys were formed during the recent ice age). Continue Reading…

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On Our Way Down To The South Island

Hi, you are probably wondering if we are done with all of this crazy extreme stories by now? well, only for the meantime.
The last few days we spent traveling down to the South Island of NZ. There isn’t much to tell but the fact that the views were beautiful, the cities was surprisingly lively and that we really took it easy (we needed a little rest after that busy week). Continue Reading…

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