Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Girls Only Weekend

Well if I (Yifat) gained anything from this blog (other than the obvious things) is a new friend!

Those of you who are really following our blog already know Ronit and Erez from Melbourne, where Ronit contacted us via our blog (which she heard of thorugh mutual facebook friends) and offered us a warm friendly face in Australia.
It took me and her 2 hours to understand we have a lot in common so we decided to stay in touch.

2 weeks ago,  I took a short flight by myself to Melbourne to have a long girls only weekend. Continue Reading…

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Bye Bye Melbourne

So, we are on our last day in Melbourne just about to take off to New Zealand!!!! Yey…
As Melbourne was mainly about working there isn’t much to write about but we couldn’t leave you without some pictures of the Melbourne city – so here are 3 sets of pictures from our ~2 weeks here: Continue Reading…

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The Great Ocean Road

After relaxing at the Mornington Peninsula, we took the car ferry from Sorento to Queenscliff and shortly started our journey on the Great Ocean Road, which is indeed a great\long road, most of it going alongside the ocean, with lots of scenic lookouts and animals around it. Continue Reading…

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Relaxing at Mornington Peninsula

During last couple of days (days 2-3 outside Melbourne) we drove to Mornington Peninsula to have a relaxing weekend. Finally we matched our trip style to the chilled out and relaxed atmosphere of the Australians. Continue Reading…

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Back in (The Animals) Business

Hi All, It’s been a while but we are back at full speed.  After having a few days of  work in Melbourne (and Sydney for Andrey) we started our trip to the Great Ocean Road with some few stops on the way. lots of videos this time and some beautiful pictures from our first day at Phillip Island, VIC. Continue Reading…

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