Round The World Trip

By Yifat & Andrey Shirben

Whitsunday Coast Cruising

Well, after spending a considerable amount of hours working out of our brand new office\apartment in Bondi Beach and growing the business – we’ve decided it’s about time to go for a long weekend up north and catch some more sunshine and work on our tan. Continue Reading…

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A Special Night Out in Bondi Beach

It’s been a while since we last wrote but it was only because we were hectic busy with working, traveling, looking for an apartment (we found a beautiful one, moved in today – will write about it later on) etc… so we have a lot of catching up to do in the next few posts. But for this post let’s begin with our special welcoming night to Bondi, Sydney – The Drumming Circle. Continue Reading…

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From Jet Ski to Saturn and the Southern Cross

You’re probably wondering what these 2 (or actually – 3) have to do in common… While it might be easier to understand the linkage between the Saturn and the Southern Cross, it indeed requires a bit of imagination to connect the Jet Ski to it, so I’ll have to explain it a bit. Continue Reading…

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Just A Perfect Day (To Jump Again)

We had such a perfect weather and such a great clear sight of any landscape yesterday that we just had to share with you few more beautiful pictures of the fox glacier area and the way back down to Wanaka. Actually it was such a beautiful day that it was a shame not to jump out of a plane (again) – so spontaneously (just 15 min. before the jump) when driving by Wanaka airfield, I have decided to go for it! Continue Reading…

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Helihiking On The Fox Glacier

YES!!! We did it. We finally made it to the Fox Glacier and this time the weather was on our side (Thx for everyone who crossed their fingers). Tamar & Nir (whom we met on the Tongariro track) got us hooked on this trip – a helicopter ride that lands you on the top part of the glacier for a 3 hours walk to discover ice “waves” and caves. Continue Reading…

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Getting Interactive With Kaikoura’s Marine Life

If  there is anything worth getting up for at 04:30 am –  it is certainly swimming with dolphins! Especially if there are ~300 of them just waiting to interact with you in the ocean. I admit that it wasn’t easy waking up so early and then putting on a wet-suit in the cold of the night/morning but once you see the first Dusky Dolphin you forget all about it… Continue Reading…

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Speeding Down The Huka Falls

How does riding a speed jet boat in a 85 kmh, turning 360° and almost hitting the side of the river sounds like? FUN!
Huka Falls in Taupo are the spot in which NZ’s longest river Waikato is slamming into a narrow passage, dramatically falling 10m down into a beautiful pool. Further down the road is the Aratiatia Dam which is creating great beautiful rapids when open. This is the beautiful area we explored yesterday from up above and down below. Continue Reading…

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Rotorua – Meeting The Locals

Kia Ora (this is a Maori word for welcome/thank you/how are you etc..).
Yesterday was all about meeting the local people, nature and wildlife of New Zealand in Rotorua. Continue Reading…

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From Bay of Islands to Bay of Plenty

After having some good time on board the Rock in the Bay of Islands, we started to go back South via Auckland towards the Bay of Plenty.
We’d visited the Hararu Falls, the “Treaty Grounds” (which is the place where the historical treaty between the British Crown & the Maori leaders was signed a couple of hundred years ago), the Whangarei Falls and the famous “One Tree Hill” (which apparently has no tree on it…), Continue Reading…

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Back in (The Animals) Business

Hi All, It’s been a while but we are back at full speed.  After having a few days of  work in Melbourne (and Sydney for Andrey) we started our trip to the Great Ocean Road with some few stops on the way. lots of videos this time and some beautiful pictures from our first day at Phillip Island, VIC. Continue Reading…

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